building a new road step by step and word by word.  

The Next Step in Evolution - a personal guide.

The Jewel of Compassion

The jewel of compassion has the ability to enlighten the mind, enrich the heart, and guide your actions in the world.  A compassionate mind has the ability to see beyond the illusion of separation. It sees beyond differences and sees instead God?s creative force flowing throughout all of creation. The compassionate heart continues to love, continues to burn brightly, while still feeling the piercing thorns of pain and suffering.


The journey is long. Sometimes it is arduous. Enormous exertion and great concentration is needed as you demolish walls, confront your fears and battle the conflicts that hinder your passage on earth. Evolution, though natural, is sometimes difficult. When you have reached one plateau of understanding you must rest before attempting to conquer new heights?

For every mountain you have climbed there is another, but in between there are meadows and in such places you can rest. On a bed of grass and wild flowers feel the healing energy of the earth. Gaze calmly at the expansive sky and let all cares and worries drift like clouds in the wind. Feel the warmth of the sun surround and strengthen you. Yes, there is another mountain to ascend. You can see it in the distance. When you are ready you will make the climb. For now be at rest. For now be at peace.

 The limits of love

Consider the eagle in its cage. Consider the lion in the circus. Consider the horse harnessed and tethered in its corral. See these images and realize such is love captured by the ego.

That which is majestic, that which is beautiful, that which is powerful the ego tries to cage, tries to tame, attempts to control by imposing boundaries on love?s true beauty. Love then becomes an eagle that cannot fly, a lion forced to perform, and a horse that can no longer roam. Still, the eagle will stretch its wings, the lion will roar, and the horse will rear up flailing its hooves:  a reminder to all of their true nature.

 Divine Love

So great is this power that it cannot be fully defined in human terms. Even the words we use cannot adequately describe it. Yet, it can be experienced on earth. Many of those you call saints have known this power, have felt it guiding them even in times of difficulty. Your great spiritual teachers tried to lead their students towards this love. The Master walked the earth so you would know this power, know that it is real, and know that it is yours. The love we speak of is already with you, but you have yet to feel it?s full power. It will happen. You have the ability to feel Divine Love. Nothing in the past keeps you separated from this love. You are worthy of experiencing this great power.

 Begin the Journey

If you can look around you and say, ?It is not enough, there must be more to life,? then continue to read. Begin to discover within yourself the power to create. Begin to allow your True Self to be revealed.

Begin to manifest your spiritual abilities in the world. Desire these things to be your reality and you will begin to experience aspects of God?s love working through you at this very moment. Shifts in your consciousness, in your physical energy, and in your relationship with the world have already begun.

You take this journey towards greater awareness not because you fear the world, not because you have judged one thing or another as bad. You take this journey because within you is that spark of life that will not settle for less.

Continue your journey and grow.

 Know it is possible.