building a new road step by step and word by word.  

Vincent Cole never planned to become a monk.

From birth until tomorrow

I've lived so many lives.

Once I grew tired of one persona, I exchanged it for another.

But now all masks are cast aside

and I have no life to call my own

but live for a greater purpose than my own desires

stripped of all definitions

naked true self

strange to the mind

familiar to the soul

held dearly close to the heart.


                        Born in the Bronx to working-class parents, when Brother Vincent came of age, he began wandering from coast to coast, meeting people, experiencing and experimenting with life as a hustler, exotic dancer (male stripper), actor (stage and screen) and award-winning journalist.  

       Events in his life led to a crossroads and he changed direction to walk what he calls, the narrow, less traveled path of exploration and discovery.

     "When people ask me how I came upon the spiritual path, I reply, 'Screaming and kicking all the way.'  Before certain experiences led me down a different road, I was everything society rejected and religion judged as wrong. I have no regrets about that 'previous' life. In fact, I admit it was a lot of fun. Most of all it gave to me a greater understanding of life on this planet and a deeper compassion for the struggles of humanity.

       But I found something better, more meaningful and worthwhile. It hasn't been easy and each day I feel as if I am just beginning. 

     "What I write is simply sharing things I have experienced and to express the simple message that there is more to life than what we've been led to believe. No matter who you are or what you've done in the past or where you come from, there is a path leading to great exploration and discovery. You just have to take the next step."