building a new road step by step and word by word.  

The true desert is a place of discovery and revelation.  

It is in the desert where a monk struggles for understanding and ultimately union with the source of all creation. publishes work to help guide readers 

into their own personal desert where the power of the soul is revealed. 

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The Way of the Monk - bringing the spiritual into everyday life.

Anyone can adopt the ancient and powerful traditions of a monk 

The Way of the Monk offers in-depth explanation of the purpose and meaning behind the monastic tradition, as well as guidance to incorporate spiritual practices into your everyday life.  Stories from the lives of monks, nuns and hermits, both true and imagined,  help to illustrate and inspire you on your journey.

No matter what the circumstances of your life, you can still follow the Way of the Monk. Even if you have family commitments and financial responsibilities, even if you are obliged to live and work in the world, you can adopt monastic practices in your everyday life.

The simple Way of the Monk will guide you along an inner journey that will develop and enhance the soul's innate spiritual abilities. With some time, effort and practice, the Way of the Monk will expand your awareness not only of the world around you, but most importantly, also impart greater appreciation of your journey on earth.

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What God Said to the Rose 
- a guide to natural spirituality

When we take our place in agreement with natural forces, we also align with spiritual forces. 

Spirituality is nothing special. It is not supernatural. And, contrary to many teachings, the spiritual path is not difficult.

It is a journey as natural as the blossoming of a rose.

Using the rose as a symbol for the soul, What God Said to the Rose guides the reader down a hidden path into a rose garden of beauty and wonderment. The message of the book offers a deeper understanding of the soul’s journey on earth and provides meditation techniques to nurture the soul and cultivate its abilities.

Currently in production

Be Advised: This book is not about your mother’s garden statue saint. And, if you’re looking for history, you won’t find it here. This is a story about a man who felt a stirring in his soul to take an unknown path.

In these pages you will find a saint of flesh and blood, not just a saint of medieval times, but a saint for all times, one especially needed in the 21st century. It may not be historically accurate but you will find the truth, as much as anything else written about him. In this book, you will come to know not only Saint Francis of Assisi; you may also learn something about yourself. If you'd like to preview The Faithful Fool just click on the cover.